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Pure Air Candles are essential to eliminating unwanted scents. Pet odors, kitchen odors, and tobacco odors are no match for our candles. Our odor eliminating technology allows for our candles to seek out odor molecules and completely neutralize them. Make sure you check out our special deals on scented candles, wax warmers, plug-in wax warmers, and wax melts.

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We will be releasing odor-eliminating car air fresheners and more in the months to come, so stay tuned!

Odor Eliminating Candles by PURE AIR Candles

Pure Air Candle

Pure Air odor eliminating candles are a great choice for a traditional approach to adding candles to your home or space; with the added value of our amazing odor eliminating candle technology. If however, you are looking for a modern feel or want to avoid the wick and flame of a typical wax candle, check out our scented wax melts that take advantage of the same innovative technology.

How are PURE AIR odor eliminating candles different from other brands?

How are PURE AIR odor eliminating candles different from other brands? - Odor Eliminating

Pure Air candles don't just "mask" odors, they eliminate them completely. This is because our candles are made with special technology to seek out the odor molecules and neutralize them. This technology is great for pet-odor elimination, outdoor odors, and all other purposes. Because our candles are made from the highest quality vegetable wax, our candles burn much longer and cleaner than traditional candles made of paraffin wax. Our 12 oz. candles burn for approximately 60 hours, and our 22 oz. candles burn for approximately 120 hours! The vegetable wax also prevents "tunneling" and allows the candle to burn evenly.

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